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Elite Market Research is a Malaysia-based market research company driven by a number of professionals who have years of market experience and expertise under their belt. Using the most effective market research techniques available, you can be sure that your brands and products are in good hands.

S.Magasvarey (Mahes)

Started her career in statistics department as a field officer, Mahes was later transferred to the population and development board under the Prime Minister Department of Malaysia. She has served 20 years in government service undertaking government related research projects. She has also spent more than 6 years in commercial market research in field data collection.

Paramasivam (Sivam)

Office Manager
Parasivam, a versatile manager, is responsible for ensuring smooth operations within the organization while upholding Elite’s mission and vision.

Adhering to Elite’s set standards he ensures the maintenance of a working environment that yields productivity, including essential recommendations to the management regarding more effective and efficient handling of specific operations within the organization. Additionally, he is also a trained coordinator when it comes to group coordination and fieldwork..

Rohana Jaffar (Rohana)

Research Director
Rohana has gained more than 13 years of valuable experience in market research, financial and economic analysis across retail, consumer and property industries.

She gained her Bachelor of Economics from the University of London and Certificate in Marketing Research from the University of Iowa in United States. She also actively conducts lectures in market research in an exhibit of her passion in this field.

Rita Bhardwaj (Rita)

Senior Research Consultant
Rita has more than 8 years of specialist experience in market research, and over 15 years of experience in general management, marketing and sales with Multinational Corporations.

She has also played various pivotal roles from 1998 to 2000,while serving in the capacity as a Regional Marketing Manager across Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore. She gained her Bachelor of Economics from University Malaya and Master of Business Administration from MIM- Bath UK.

Komathee Veerappan (Komathee)

Senior Project Manager
Komathee has acquired more than 6 years of sound experience in market research methodologies, healthcare research and consulting, data analysis and project implementation. She is versatile in interpreting business and industry issues and assessing economic and financial impacts in technology, regulations and local and global industry competitor markets.

Through her various roles and capacities, she has specialized expertise within the Healthcare IT practice. She has worked on several projects across Asia Pacific and Latin America across various industry research domains such as Medical Technologies, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology, Medical Imaging and Medical Devices.

She gained her Bachelors in Economics from London School of Economics and Bachelors of Commerce (International Business and Electronic Commerce) from Curtin University of Technology in Australia. She is currently pursuing her doctoral studies in Alternative Medicine research.

Umaranee (Uma)

Senior Research Executive
Umaranee has been with Elite Market Research for the past 4 years as a Researcher. She is the main person to handle all the qualitative jobs in our company.
Started from basic office staff and has achieved to this current status, she is a Diploma holder of Administration majoring in Human Resource from Universiti Malaya, the oldest university in Malaysia. Her excellent communication and public relations skills came from 10 years of working experience in various industries and skills. Umaranee has been handling various types of qualitative projects effectively and efficiently

Amy Khoo (Amy)

Research Executive
Amy's main responsibility includes analyzing and reporting as well as being a Quantitative and Qualitative Researcher for Elite. She has gained valuable experience through the many projects undertaken across industries in Malaysia. She has also gained experience in handling various Focus Group Discussions and In-depth Interviews.

Amy gained her Bachelors of Business Administration (Marketing) from University Putra Malaysia.

Marketing research and qualitative specialist philosophy
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