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As one of the top market research companies and qualitative research specialists in Malaysia, Elite Market Research provides a wide range of specialised research services to companies and firms from all types of industry and fields.

Our team of research professionals will take a deep look at your needs and customized our services to achieve a common goal with our clients - bringing your products and brands to be in market leading position. Our list of research services include:

Focus Group Discussions

Elite Market Research specialized in this form of qualitative research. A group of people are asked about their thoughts and feelings towards a product or brand to obtain thorough understanding about that topic.

The discussion is conducted with the help of list of matters created by our research team. Questions by our experts are asked in an interactive group setting, which is selected based on a certain criteria to yield optimum result. During the discussion, participants are encouraged to interact with each other which is another advantage of this method over other traditional qualitative research methods.

Our experienced focus group moderator will keep the discussion flow smoothly and at the same time, encourage participants to interact and communicate freely on the given topic.

Face to Face Interviews

Face-to-face interviews are deployed where individual detailed views are essential on a series of products, subjects and brands. Our interviews are conducted according to questionnaires that are specially constructed by us to produce valid results. Our interviewers are highly trained to get the most out of the sessions and to be the source of motivation for a smooth interaction from the respondents.

In-depth Interviews

In-depth interviews usually engage only one person to be interviewed at one given time. Such method is ideal to find out expert opinions on certain research topics or personal and sensitive issues which are inappropriate for a group discussion. Elite carry out customized in-depth interviews to achieve different objectives of the research.

Central Location Tests

Elite Market Reseach carries out Central Location Tests, a type of study and interviews performed in a specific testing site such as an office or a shopping mall to conduct research on people in that area or a certain selected group.

Data Entry (Quantitative)

Elite Market Research also provides quantitative research whereby information and statistics collected during a research or survey are inputting into a database. The data will then be analyzed by our experts to produce detailed research report

Fieldwork Audit Services

Fieldwork Audit Services are provided to inspect and verify that a certain project is carried out in the correct manner and up to the preset standard.

Ad Test

Advertising Testing is used to assess or analyse the effectiveness of the advertising materials by consumers to turn the advertisement into a maximum effective promotion tool. Elite also provide this sevice to test different design formats, approaches and sociodemographics for a deeper analysis of effectiveness using surveys and questionnaires.

Sampling Distribution

A sample group of interviewees or respondents who are chosen to represent the population as a whole. The sample provides the data within the market research project and will be used to analyse to produce the detailed report.

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