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Market Research quote: The years teach much which the days never knew
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Established in 1995, Elite Market Research has been making wave in the Malaysian market research field with highly successful research project with multiple multinational companies. Driven by a team of research professionals with numerous years of experience under their belt, Elite is a research-based marketing consultancy, not just a typical respondent and survey recruitment company.

We use research to uncover customer insights and our analysis and experience to make actionable, practical and sometimes inspirational recommendations. Elite practiced high level of professionalism by ensuring every project is performed in high standards of confidentiality.

Known as qualitative specialists, we provide specialised market research services such as focus group discussions, in-depth interviews and many others. Services that we provided is truly customized because we tailor each research projects to the needs of our clients.

Over the years, companies from Malaysia and regional countries have put their full confidence on us as Elite specialized in brand development, advertising and new product development.



Elite Market Research currently has several amenities in our office to facilitate market research projects such as focus group discussion, ad tests and our other services. This includes two discussion room with one of them contains a two-way mirror and one viewing room.

focus group discussion room focus group discussion room

ad test viewing room ad test viewing room

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